Sunday, March 16, 2014


YES! Finally I have added the finishing touches to my YouTube channel! I have uploaded 3 time-lapse videos about my working process on a fashion illustration inspired by Michaela Kohutova (Slovakian Top Model). I am going to upload free drawing/painting tutorials and time-lapse videos! 

To my channel click---> HERE

Here is the first part of my illustration:

For this fashion illustration I used pencil+watercolour+white acrylic and acrylic pad/paper. Size is A/4.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Custom Order

Hi All,

I have got a custom order this week to make a painting of TOP for somebody's birthday.
I really hope he and she will like it :)
This is watercolour on watercolour paper (Moleskine) 13 x 20.5cm


And don't forget that you can easily order portraits (family members, friends, idols...) from me through Etsy.

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Click on the pictures to see them bigger.



Sunday, March 2, 2014

Personal work, fashion illustration inspired by Mila Kunis

I found a very nice photo of Mila Kunis that inspired me to make an illustration. Not really about her, but she was the inspiration for me to create something fresh and related to fashion.
I used pencil and watercolour on acrylic paper (yes, not aquarell paper) and after scanning I edited the whole picture a lil bit by Photoshop.

I have bought an acrylic pad just to try what I can expect from it. I have to say it is not really for watercolour but not bad at all. It's heavier and more rough, perfect for acrylic. Not to perfect for pencil of course because of the deep grooves but I could deal with it.

The photoshop I used it is just CS5, but it was totally enough what I wanted to achieve. I just edited the tones, colours and made a little animation.

This is the final picture:

A very simple animation from the picture just for fun.

Here you can see the progress of my illustration and later on I will show some details, too.

Thank you for reading and watching!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Oh happy days, I have opened my Facebook Page so...

Lets be together forever! :D YoyoMiyoko's facebook page

Eric Nam and Kai came to visit and then stayed in my Moleskine

Oh look at these young and healthy looking guys...these pictures are screaming for painting,,,

(These paintings was painted on the 11st and  12th of February, 2014 in my Moleskine Watercolour Book. 
Sizes are: 13cmx20.5cm)

All of them are for sale in my ETSY shop and you can ASK ME to paint or draw your favourite celebrity ;)
just simply ask me here:

Take a look at my other artworks here on my website:
Eric Nam from his video called Heaven's Door inspired me to paint a little watercolour study last time as you could see from my previous post:

I love painting with cold colours plus with a little red touch so this photo was absolutely perfect for me. Hope you dont mind that the painting doesnt follow the realistic way moreover a freely illustrated one that I prefer more.

The other painting is from this extremly cute photo:
and my painting:

not that extremly cute haha!

Okay so lets see what happened with Kai after this photoshoot:

Thanks for watching! Cheers!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

New K Pop Stars in my moleskine book

Eric Nam, Cl and Yoon watercolour. Sizes: 12,8x20,5cm

 These paintings are for sale, check my etsy shop here--> YOYO
and if you are interested in my new website click here---> MIYOKO

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finally Finished

Finally I’ve finished this painting and already registered myself into the competition (BP Portrait Award 2014) 
The process can be seen on my website: yoyomiyoko
Here we are:
Title: Overflow of Ideas
Sizes: 50.8cm x 40.3cm
Acrylic on canvas

Monday, January 27, 2014

Preparing for BP Award 2014

BP portrait award is “‘The BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery is the portraiture Oscars. For 34 years it has been the most prestigious prize in the genre.’ Mail on Sunday, June 2013″. You can read about it more here National Portrait Gallery.
I have big, huge dreams…even if I can’t win this competition, I give it a try. It is a great opportunity for practising how to paint in a different style I haven’t tried yet before. I have bought nice canvases, new brushes, new colours (acrylic)…and I can tell myself that at least I was trying and improving my skills.
My sitter is my boyfriend, Keisuke. He loves reading and wearing his white shirt so choosing the theme wasn’t hard. Actually he doesn’t really read that book just looks over it and think about somebody or something. Deeply in his thoughts, no one can know what he was thinking about.
After taking the photo I used grids in Photoshop to make drawing easier and more punctual. Learning from my previous artwork at this drawing I used orange pencil, which can’t be seen after painting on it not like black pencil I used before…okay, if you use enough paint you can hide the pencil, but…
So, here you are, the first steps…(I am so sorry about the quality of the photo…weather in London…cloudy…I have to invest in a tripod and lamps…)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Painting my parents - process

I have started to paint a portrait of an old black and white photo of my parents. Here you are, you can check where I am. I am painting it with acrylic only on canvas. First time in my life I was drawing by grids, however I made a big mistake (using black pencil instead of coloured one) so now I have to get rid of that grids somehow. I have an idea but no time... I think probably this weekend I will finish this piece and upload the result for you guys. (Actually I like the grids, feel like keeping them all, but I do not like some parts, where the lines are not straight or I could not measure it precisely and now looks ugly.)

The basic sketch


First strokes

and here we are, where I have been stucked

...I will continue...

Monday, December 16, 2013

New paiting of December :)

I have created a new piece last weekend. It is about Kris from Exo (korean pop band) but actually it is not his portrait totally... I used a fan photo of him and my purpose was not paint a real portrait but something else... a fantasy picture. with lots of fish... :)
The title is 'Vízben', which is a hungarian word, means 'in water'. Very simple isn't it...I am not good at finding creative titles to my pictures. I would not give titles actually...

It is a A/4 acrylic paper, which I have bought last week, just perfect...I was painting with watercolour on it mainly so I still do not know how cool painting with acrylic paint on time!
So I used watercolour, called Aquafine, which has got 12 colours. I usually use only 9 colours of it... there are some particular colours I do not like. haha... or I just do not know how to paint with them.
I have got new brushes, they are from Daler  Rowney, Gold Taklon Synthetic. I was really surprised by the quality (very good) and I realized that in many cases it does matter what kind of brushes and paint and papers you use...I could do many things what I could not do with my old brushes. amazing...

So here you are, I hope you will enjoy and please check out my Etsy and Behance if you have time, see you later ;)


The process